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The Location

Coral Rock Zanzibar offers an authentic Zanzibar Holiday experience. One that has the capacity to change you. You return with a new perspective with the things that really matter in life. Memories of the people and the place remain indelibly imprinted on your mind.


The islands offer a distinctive travel experience.  A mere 3 ½ hours flight from Johannesburg, Zanzibar is ideal for those seeking an affordable island getaway. However Zanzibar is more than just white sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear warm waters. As the remnant of an economic center of the Omani Empire, which attained its climax in the middle of the 19th century, Zanzibar today boasts a culture and history closely linked with its historic events: Shirazi, Persian and Omani settlers, Indian and Arabian architecture, spicy dishes, slave caves, and historical figures such as Speke, Livingston and Tipu Tipp have all left their marks. Everywhere on the island, mementos of this past can be seen and are recounted in tales of myth and reality passed down from one generation to the next. Until today, the name “Spice Islands“ refers to this capital of Swahili culture which is observed along the coast of East Africa. The distinguished mixture of cultures, professions and religions have in the course of time contributed to the metropolitan characteristic typical to this region. The ancient city of Stone Town was once the center of the worlds slave trade.  The old slave market is preserved as a monument:  a reminder of the inhumanity of that era.

Jambiani is one of the best kept secrets in Zanzibar.  This little fishing village was until recently virtually inaccessible.  Adventurous travellers in the know were drawn to Jambiani because it has been untainted by commercial tourism.  The villagers exhibit a genuine sincerity when welcoming visitors to Jambiani.

Greetings of “Jambo” are excitedly proclaimed by smiling children to travellers visiting Jambiani.  Tourists often find themselves awestruck by the natural beauty of Jambiani’s unspoilt and uncrowded beaches which are arguably the most breathtaking in Zanzibar.  Travellers are spared the opportunistic sales pitches and tourist prices that are characteristic of holidays in the mainstream tourist locations.  The affable people of Jambiani take pride in the education of their children, the cleanliness of their village and the reputation the area has established with regards to the safety and security of travellers.

Even the waters of Jambiani and surrounding areas are totally safe.  A natural sand bar, stretching over a kilometre out to sea creates a spectacular natural tidal swimming pool protected from the strong ocean currents and dangerous marine creatures.

Coral Rock has been described as the jewel of Jambiani. The hotel’s exquisite location is unrivalled.  Built atop an ancient coral rock that juts out into the ocean and flanked by two striking beaches.  The hotel offers the ideal tropical island holiday.  Guests often spend hours staring out at the water where the changing of the tides reveal 100 shades of blue.  Whether in the restaurant, bar or any room in the hotel, visitors can experience the stunning beauty of these same sea views.