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Health, Safety & Security


Vistors to Zanzibar require a yellow-fever vacination before entering. You are advised to get this shot at least 10 days before you travel

Unlike mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar has been largely malaria free for the past 7 years as a result of highly succesful international programs aimed at eradicating malria on the island. Incidents of malaria contracted in Zanzibar has fallen dramatically as a result. Coral Rock is located in Jambiani that has experienced virtually no cases of malaria during this time, the hotel itself is also elevated and perched uppon a rock mostly surrounded by ocean at high tide and as a result enjoys a constant breeze, conditions that mosquitos do not enjoy and therefore they are extremely scarce at the resort.

Guests may take mild malaria prophlaxis at their own discretion, but you should be advised that no staff take precautionary measures themselves and we’ve not had a single incident of malaria amoungst any guests or staff in over 7 years.  If you are just staying in Zanzibar and particularly at Coral Rock we do not advise taking any malaria precautions stronger than mild prophlaxis as these often cause adverse reactions stronger than the potential malaria strains themselves, especially when taken over a long period and mixed with alcohol.


The resort & rooms are professionally fumigated 4 times a year, plus sprayed everyday and upon request by staff.


Zanzibar is one of the safest places in Africa. Unfortunately, like any place, it is not 100% free from crime. The predominantly Muslim community does not take well to theft or other crimes and criminals are dealt with severly enough to discourage the majority of them from even thinking about it.

Most crime happens in the high density tourist areas in the north and are often a result of criminals sailing in from mainland Tanzania for a day’s petty theft on tourists.

Tourists are however advised to avoid walking in certain areas alone at night – particularly in some parts of Stone Town.

Be advised not to carry large amounts of cash or expensive photographic equipment if you are travelling alone.


The hotel employs 3 full time security guards. For your peace of mind, We do offer safe facilities on the premises for valuables