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Language & Useful Phrases

Swahili is the most commonly spoken language in Zanzibar, followed by Arabic. Customer facing staff at Coral Rock Zanzibar all speak English, Swahili and some management staff speak additional languages such as German, Spanish and French
You will find that most of the locals speak a little English especially in the hotels and shops.
As an Mzungu (white person) you would do well to learn a little Swahili as a sign of respect.
Your holiday will most definitely be enriched and you will find the Zanzibaris more helpful and friendly if you try

We recommend the following links To Learn Basic Swahili

Hassan O Ali’s excellent site for beginners

This site features pictures and MP3 links that you can select to actually hear how something is pronounced – very useful

The Mwana Simba Site

A useful step by step program that increases your understanding of Swahili with practical exercices

The Kamusi project

A living internet Swahili dictionary.