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Coral Rock Hotel Zanzibar 2016 – Sneak Peak
Take a voyeuristic sneak peak into Coral Rock Hotel featuring some room types, the hotel grounds and views.

Coral Rock Zanzibar: Friends keep you young and young at heart, bring your friends and leave with more.
Nothing beats sharing time with your most special friends in a truly special place

There is nothing more important than family, Spend truly memorable, special times with them in a special place.

Romance is timeless, find a special place to create a special occasion with someone you truly love

Zanzibar Beach and Water-sports Festival by Coral Rock and Red Monkey (2015)

Watersports& beach Festival 2015 : the exclusive Aerial FILM from GuiToast Media-Guillaume BALOIS on Vimeo.

Kitesurf at Coral Rock with Kite Worldwide

Coral Rock Zanzibar Harlem Shake (March 2013)

Kite Surf @ Coral Rock with Kite World Wide – Trade winds conditions (Dec to March)

Surf Zanzibar with Coral Rock and Aquaholics

Coral Rock Views (2013)

Early Morning Energy @ Coral Rock (2013)

FHM calendar shoot 2009 @ Coral Rock Hotel

EATV TV slot on Coral Rock’s Zanzibar Beach and Water-sports Festival (2011)

MeatFly Kite Crew @ Coral Rock (2013)

Meatfly trip to Zanzibar 2013 from sondafilm on Vimeo.